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We’re All in Sales

Don’t fight it or Deny It. Enjoy It.  We are all in Sales

Most people will tell you they don’t like to “sell” or don’t feel they are good at it.  When we think of sales people, we usually picture a car salesman or insurance salesman or some profession like that.  The truth is that we are all in sales.The stay at home mom, the school teacher, the manager all have to sell at some point. Think about it. Doesn’t a school teacher constantly have to sell ideas to their students? Teachers can sell why learning is so important and how it can help the students.

Earl Nightingale said it best, “Each of us succeeds in life to the extent of our ability to sell, selling our families on our ideas, selling education in schools, selling our children on the advantages of living a good and honest life, selling our associates and employees on the importance of being exceptional people.”

Why we are all sales peopleWhat about a server at a restaurant? Are they not selling different items on the menu and suggesting what a customer might like? The best servers always do. How often have you gone out to eat and weren’t planning to eat a desert but your server came by the table describing what they had to offer?

Are you married? When you first met your spouse, didn’t you work hard to present the best you to them? Or maybe they were the one really selling you at first!
The same can be said about parenting. Parents constantly have to sell their kids on why they need to do something. The point is that selling is a part of everyone’s life. No matter what type of job someone wants, they will have to go and be interviewed and sell themselves to the employer. So selling is important to everyone. We are all in sales! Certainly, some professions require more selling than others, but no matter what someone does for a living they are better off to get better at sales.

Sales Tips for Life Success 

There are four simple sales tips that can benefit anyone who wants to improve in selling. You don’t have to be a car salesman to benefit from these. No matter your occupation they will help you better communicate your ideas and most importantly sell other people on you.

1. Friendship First

This is the most important fundamental to understand about selling.  It all starts with a friendship.  If you ever try to sell anything before you have built some type of relationship with someone, it won’t work well!  People buy from people that they like.  Period.  It is  critical to understand this.

That is why whenever someone first enters some type of true sales job, the first people they call are their friends and family.  Because they already have that relationship, those are obviously the first people they approach whether they are selling insurance or whatever it might be.
But often times we need to first make sure that we focus on the friendship first.  That does n’t have to take a long time.  We can meet someone today and develop a great relationship very quickly.  It can happen fast but we need to make sure that before we start selling anything whether a product or our idea, we need to first develop that relationship.

2. Use Your Ears

I believe if we asked most people to describe a great sales person, they would describe someone who is a great talker.  I have heard this many times.  Someone will say, “This guy is a great salesman.  He is a great talker and can sell anything to anyone.”  Most people picture the great sales person as this super fast talker.  Well, the truth is that isn’t the case.  There are times when people in sales may need to give a presentation and talk.  That is true but the best sales people use the most important tools of all:  Their Ears.
Remember, friendship is the foundation to selling anything.  What is the best way to build a friendship?  It is with our ears.  Being a good listener is the best way to connect and get to know someone.

3. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Be sure that you don’t think of yourself as trying to convince someone to do what you want them to do.  Of course, you may have something that you want someone to do like some action that you want them to take.  However, don’t feel you are on the other side trying to convince them to your way.  Walk with them.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Picture yourself on their side of the table.

4. How Will It Benefit Them?

Whenever we are selling anything, it is always tempting to focus on how we will benefit.  That temptation is a natural one for all of us but we need to fight it.  For example, if a person goes in to a job interview and the whole time they talk about how much they need the job and how it will benefit them, what do you think the potential employer will think?  The employer is looking for how the new employee can benefit the company!  Yes, the job seeker is looking for good pay, but first he must sell how he can be a great benefit.
Selling is all about solving a problem or challenge for someone.  That is what you focus on.  Fist you listen and find out where they are at, and then you focus on how you or your product or your idea will benefit them.  Explain how it will solve their challenge.

Let’s take a simple example.  If we want to sell a child on the idea of eating broccoli, how do we sell the broccoli?  We could talk about the broccoli and what it has in it but chances are that will not motivate the child to eat it.  However, if we talk about how eating broccoli can help them to be healthier and be better at sports it may help.  To take it a step further.  If we set up some kind of reward system that rewards the child for eating the broccoli that is another huge benefit that will make them take the action of eating broccoli.  So be sure to always talk about how they will benefit.

“Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do.” -Ben Feldman

Watch people who are great in sales or people who are just great at getting others to take action.  They tend to be really good at asking questions.  This goes along with listening and understanding where someone is.  Using your ears is most important but when you do use your mouth, be sure to ask a question of someone.  This encourages the other person to keep talking and it allows you to really learn about them.
Bottom Line:  Every person is in sales and every person can get better at it.  It doesn’t matter our personality type.  All of us can get better at selling.  Really, it is about connecting and caring about others.

by Jeff Bracken . com