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About Jeff Bracken

About Jeffrey S Bracken

Jeff Bracken

Jeff Bracken

Jeff believes in great opportunities and hard work within those opportunities.

“Nothing comes for free, once you believe in those opportunities it’s time to go to work. It’s only through the work that we have our success.” — Jeff Bracken

Jeffrey S. Bracken is a proven entrepreneurial success.

I am an Entrepreneur and Business Owner whose expertise comes from developing and helping others achieve their highest potential.

Corporate Accomplishments:

As COO of Lone Star Steak House, Jeff  helped take the company public in 1992. It was “the IPO of the year.” Jeff built it to a billion dollar market cap, semi-retired and moved to Utah.

Direct Sales Industry:

“I set the record for fastest rise to diamond. We did it in 72 days. Within six months we made the BusinessHome.org, Top 300 Earners’ List. I wanted to be in Top 25 Earners List so I moved to a different company with a faster track; which is how I met Grant Pace.” states Jeff Bracken. Was featured in “Success From Home Magazine”

Professional Development Industry:

Innovator, Co-founding Board Member Summit Success

“Helping people have self-improvement, helping people have communication is the glue that puts the learning and development community together.  I want people to say, I’m better off because of my association here.”

People will do things such as read, such as study, such as work on self-improvement because they are involved in a group rather than individually.  I used to spend $20,000 a year on self-improvement so I could stay competitive.

jeff bracken denise brackenMy goal was to talk to the best business individuals.  My success comes from transforming businessmen into this industry.  Traditionally most people throw mud on the wall and see what sticks.  Successful people are success with whatever they do.

Family status –married with 4 lovely daughters

Hobbies – golf, sports, played junior college football, camping, hunting, fishing

Favorite books – The Go Getter by Peter B. Kyne,

Good to Great by Jim Collins,

Skill with People  by Les Giblin

The Questions, The Answers by Alan Pease

Music – 80’s rock music

Movie – Gladiator

A Favorite Quote– “Care to Share and Dare to Dream” – Denise Bracken

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by JeffBracken.com